Commission Form

Hello guys! I'm opening a commission page for you to request artworks or photographs. If you are interested on it, please read below terms and conditions:
  1. I still have the copyright of the artworks or photographs.
  2. The commissions are used for personal collection ONLY, please don't use it for sales (but you may use it as a present to someone).
  3. Commissioners have my permission to display the commissioned art in their gallery or their personal collection/ website/ blog, but it must states clealy : "art by radenfelix".
  4. Commissioner is PROHIBITED to do major change in the commissioned art.
  5. Please fill the commission form and send it with via email in the bottom of this page.

  1. Price depends on the complexity of the artwork (like: accessories, detail in clothes and background).
  2. Price is NOT INCLUDED in paypal fee (if you intend to pay via paypal)! I'll charge 5% from the total price.
  3. bust up counted as half body, and 3/4 body counted as full body.

  • Half body: 2$ or Rp.15.000 ---- add character +1$/char or Rp.10.000/char
  • Full body: 3$ or Rp.20.000 ---- add character +1$/char or Rp.10.000/char

  • Half body : 7-9$ or Rp. 50.000 ---- add character: 3$/char or Rp.20.000/char
  • Full body : 10-15$ or Rp. 85.000 ---- add character: 3$/char or Rp.25.000/char


Please contact me personally through my email radenfelix(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll give you the details.


I accept payment from the following banks:

  • Paypal account:
  • Bank Mandiri/ BCA (via transfer; for Indonesian only)

How To
  • Fill in the commission form below,
  • Discuss what you'd like me to draw (it's very important that you give me the complete and clear explanation and reference/s)
  • I'll draw a rough sketch, and send it to you via e-mail (low res, small size, watermarked)
  • You can ask for a revision, tell me what goes wrong, or not suitable for you, etc.
  • If you want it to be colored, pay in advance cos I won't start coloring until I receive the payment.
  • You cannot revise major things in the coloring progress.
  • you will receive:
    • Hi res (300 Dpi) in JPEG, complete with the character(s) and the background.
    • Hi res (300 Dpi) in JPEG, for the character only (without background).
    • Sent to your mail.

Commission Form

Please choose your order*
 Sketch - half body - $2 
 Sketch - full body - $3 
 CG - half body - $7-9 
 CG - full body - $10-15 
Please define your order for special request.
Number of Character*
How many characters you would like me to draw.
Delivered By



You choose the deadline when would the commission
be delivered to you.
Special Instructions
Please give me clear instructions and reference
links as many as you can.
I have read and agree to the Terms of Service*
 Yes, I agree. 
Image Verification
Please enter the text from the image:
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Please Ask Me

If you want other package that is not listed above, you can contact me at any time. Any questions, comments, or suggestions please tell me ;)

Thank You,

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