Friday, February 26, 2010

Lexarun Valaxand - And the Process

while ago I was asked by a friend of mine to create him an imaginary character for “I-don’t-know-till-now”. the character’s name is Lexarun Valaxand (*hmm…it’s a little bit difficult to spell it, isn’t it?). Below is the final version of the character I made.

Lexarun Valaxand Final
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Being 6 foot and 2 inches in height, with perfect buns-of-steel and washboard abs, Lexarun Valaxand commands respect and dignity through his physical appearance alone. Although most of the time he tries not to draw too much attention to himself, he attracts the occasional interest of females from any races each time he has to go anywhere public. His glimmering blue-green eyes is dreamy. They reflect his intelligent and glimmer even more each time he focused his mind on something.

Lexar is not so much a fashion enthusiast. He wears anything that suits his needs or comfort.

Point Blank

Recently I've been addicted to a new online First Person Shooter game called Point Blank. I'm addicted to the game because it reminds me of the glorious Counter Strike which I played when in junior high school. Today I'd like to give you a glimpse of the game. Hopefully you are interested and we could meet on the game.

We all know that the Indonesian gamers community is getting bored with Counter Strike which is aged more than 10 years and long being a first person shooter game. Nevertheless, the community expects an online FPS game that supports the new online features such as private room, clan support, ranking system, customizable weapons, characters, and others. It may be one of the considerations KREON Co., Ltd finally decided to bring on Point Blank, an Online First Person Shooting Game with high level realistic game play.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Grasshopper and Flower

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Wingletting with the golden scrawl Of its finest sinews, The grasshopper loaded its trailer-belly With many coastal herbs and faiths. "Ping, ping, ping!" tra-lah-ed the zingzinger. O, swanderful! O, illuminate!

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