Saturday, May 26, 2012

Caricature: Fail

I've been very productive lately, which is good for driving traffic and dragging visitors to my blog. Anyway, yesterday I drew a caricature of my favorite female singer, and posted it on Facebook. I asked my friends to guess who she is, otherwise I received comments that really made me laugh.

This is done with my Samsung G-Note

These are their comments...

Sorry if the comments are in my language. But I have marked their guesses with rectangular lines; Will Smith, City, Trina, Sule, Ledi Gaga, Syahrini, Jessie J, and Ariel?

Okay, I have seen enough of their comments, and I can be 100% sure that the caricature I drew is a total failure. The singer I mentioned above is this one:

Taylor Swift

Friday, May 25, 2012

Missing You

This #quicksketch is done with my G-Note.

'Come back soon, I am waiting for you.'

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Homeless Children

The elder sister is looking after her two little brother and sister.
These homeless children can be easily found at most traffic lights during your way back home. Seriously, it is a very sad scene I have ever seen at the place where I usually go back home from work. These children are supposed to have a home, go to school, play with their peer friends and live with their family rather than work and sleep on the street. They lose out on a chance to have a decent childhood.

This photo is intended to the f*ckin' government which supposed to be responsible for their life. As we all can see that the government only cares about their own ass or talking shits about Lady Gaga's concert in Jakarta. Dude, look down! There still plenty of people you should take care of!

*Sorry for those who works for the government; I sincerely don't have any intention to offense you. I know there are many good and kind government servants.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Long Weekend Day I: The Journey Begins

Again, this blog is abandoned for more than a month; what a pity. Anyway, I have been preparing this blog as the place to post the full story of my long weekend trip last week. Well, there have been lots of things happened during my long weekend holidays; from shopping to losing my brand new pair of shoes.

Me - Friska - mba Ambs - Lexy - Reza
It was all started in my office at Mega Kuningan. Yes, I had to finish the work before going on holidays. It was Wednesday last week when we began the journey. I and my colleagues had planned to visit our neighbors, Singapore and Malaysia, to spend our long weekends. This isn’t the first time I visited Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur. I’ve been there once with my peeps and we had a tiring but great time during the trip.

Anyway, we arrived at the airport at 6.10 pm to check-in and went straight ahead the immigration hall in order to board. At first I thought I could browse on the internet or just updated either my facebook or twitter status, but it turned out that there was NO Wi-Fi connection in the place. Yes, there was no Wi-Fi connection. I just could smile at how pathetic this International Airport for not having any Wi-Fi connection in the boarding room at all. So while I was waiting, I spent most of the time drawing an old man sitting in front of me. He was on his sixties or something, I guessed. The old man put his luggage under the seat and starring around the boarding room as if it was his first time traveling with an airplane.

I forgot to draw the luggage... :))

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