Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Making Fun of My Friend

I was collecting all the photos we captured during our trip to Green Canyon last week when we saw this photo. His (viki) pose is very masculine, so that gave my friends dije, komper and aab some crazy ideas. Here is the result of our fad over the night at 7eleven...

Edited by me ;)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Timun Mas - A Folktale from Central Java (My Ver.)

A long time ago, there was a farmer couple. They were living in a village near a forest. They lived happily, but their life would be much much happier if they had any children. They hadn’t had any children yet for more than 20 years of their marriage. Every day they prayed to the God for a child.

One day a giant passed their home. He heard what they were praying. The giant then gave them a cucumber seed.

“Plant this modified-cucumber-seed, when it is ripe, eat the golden cucumber and do a “WooHoo” at full moon night. Then you’ll get a daughter,” said the giant.

“Thank you, Giant,” replied the couple.

“But in one condition, in her 17th birthday, you must give her to me,” said the Giant.

The couple wanted a child so much that they agreed without thinking first. The next day, the farmer couple planted the cucumber seed on their backyard. Each day they took care of the growing plant so carefully. A few months later, a golden cucumber grew from the plant. The cucumber was getting heavier and bigger each day. When it was ripe, they picked it. Cautiously they ate the cucumber and how surprised they were when they found it worked. The wife was pregnant. After nine months, she delivered a beautiful baby. They were so happy. They named the baby Timun Mas (Eng: Golden Cucumber).

Years were passing by and Timun Mas had grown into a beautiful girl. Her parents were very happy. But their happiness turned to fear when her 17th birthday came. The giant returned to ask for their promise. He was going to take Timun Mas away. The farmer tried to be calm.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Jakarta Little Tokyo Festival

Yesterday, thousands of people spent their last day of the weekend participating in a festival called Jakarta Little Tokyo. The festival was dominated mostly by teenagers. During the festival, which was held in Blok M Square, Jakarta Selatan, the crowds seemed to enjoy themselves. We don't need to go to Japan to experience the daily life of a Japanese. The festival has it all, including cuisines, traditional culture, anime, cosplay, eating-joints, even sake.

Actually the festival was open since afternoon, but I just had a chance to drop by at evening. Anyway, I am suck at writings, so don't push me to write more please. I just dunno what to say. But, I managed to capture some nice photos.

One of the cosplayer is looking for her friend after getting separated with others. I was wondering if she is really a she or a he. Hmmm...

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Saving Other Birds in Rio

I heart this adorable yet powerful black bird.

Who doesn't know this phenomenal game, which was initially launched for iPhone users? Carrying a simple yet beautiful game graphics and adorable various elements attached, Angry Birds has successfully captivated tens of millions of smartphone as well as PC users around the world.

Rovio, as the game developer, must be acknowledged to have a topnotch marketing strategy (*I should admit it :p). By continuously releasing the game on any particular events, the "maker" of the red bird will certainly not be drowning in red ink within the short time. And now, it comes back with a new episode: Angry Birds Rio.

The story begins when the three birds are suddenly kidnapped and taken away by a chopper. When realized, they find themselves located in a far place, Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil, South America. After smashing the iron cage, they discover there lots of other birds trapped and suffered in the place. The three birds then decide to carry out a rescue mission as well as finding a way out from Rio. Will they make it? Let the adventure begins!

This doodle was created in my busy schedules ;)

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