Thursday, July 07, 2011

Saving Other Birds in Rio

I heart this adorable yet powerful black bird.

Who doesn't know this phenomenal game, which was initially launched for iPhone users? Carrying a simple yet beautiful game graphics and adorable various elements attached, Angry Birds has successfully captivated tens of millions of smartphone as well as PC users around the world.

Rovio, as the game developer, must be acknowledged to have a topnotch marketing strategy (*I should admit it :p). By continuously releasing the game on any particular events, the "maker" of the red bird will certainly not be drowning in red ink within the short time. And now, it comes back with a new episode: Angry Birds Rio.

The story begins when the three birds are suddenly kidnapped and taken away by a chopper. When realized, they find themselves located in a far place, Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil, South America. After smashing the iron cage, they discover there lots of other birds trapped and suffered in the place. The three birds then decide to carry out a rescue mission as well as finding a way out from Rio. Will they make it? Let the adventure begins!

This doodle was created in my busy schedules ;)

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