Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trip to Taman Safari

It was all started from a light conversation about recreational places which we have never (or have not) visited, I and a friend finally decided to visit 'Taman Safari' (Eng: Safari Park) Indonesia on Saturday a month ago (been a while, hehehee..).

Anyway, we left at 10 am and alhamdulillah, the weather was pretty nice on that day. It was a little bit late for us to go there, for I got home at 01.00 o'clock at night. Fortunately she could understand it. Only a few hundred meters after the Ciawi exit toll, the traffic went mad. Finally I decided to take a long and extreme 'alternative' path, and arrived at 1.00 pm. The entry ticket was quite cheap, Rp.75.000 (US$8.5) for 1 adult, and Rp.15,000 (US$1.7) for the car.

We were welcomed by some elephants in front of the entrance gate. Followed were goats and other mammals. I managed to take some photographs during my vacation there.

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