Friday, October 01, 2010

Google Page Rank 4

Howdy everyone,

It's been a donkey's year since I wrote my last post on this blog. With all the deadlines that I'm going up against, I've been extremely busy recently. However, I still get in to write a new post during my work time, hehehee...You all may have known why I wrote this post, for you can read it from the title, eh? Yep, it is because my google page rank boosted up to 4 (again). This blog was initially at rank 4 a couple of months ago. But, because I rarely posted new contents in it, the Google page rank went down to 2.

But I'm happy because the Google page rank is back. I will maintain it as long as I could. Thanks for those who visit my blog and leave comments. I really appreciate it.

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