Monday, October 11, 2010

Saturday Night Ride

I always spend my weekend riding my bike with friends. I usually ride bike on Sunday morning. But this weekend seemed pretty unusual, as I went around the city at night. We commonly say it a “Night Ride”, or simply abbreviated as NR.

We started the trip from Pejaten Village, in front of RM. Padang. We chose it as the assemble point to gather all the riders. While waiting for the others, we took some nice pictures and discussed the route we were going to take.

*Please note that all photographs shown here are reduced in size. You can click on them to view the full version without leaving the page.

Waiting for other riders.

Black and white bikes

the most 'handsomenest' guy

Pejaten Village at night

After all the riders were complete (which took more than 15 minutes), we then paddled our bike to follow the route. It would be: Kuningan-Taman Suropati-Tebet-Angkringan Pancoran-Duren-Kalibata. We set out the trip at 9.30 pm. After paddling for a while, we decided to take a rest at 66 Bridge (Ind: Jembatan 66) and took some pictures (again).

I didn't give a damn sh*t for technique. It's still cool, tho.

Time to drink!

Blurry, no problemo!

First attempt.

Second attempt, still blurry!


Vicki's getting more serious...Look at his mouth!

Taken from the bridge.

The second one.

After paddled for about an hour, we arrived at Suropati Park, and decided to take a break. We ordered coffee (well, some prefer Energen, tho) and spent about half an hour chatted.

Intentionally or unintentionally?

One guy with two bikes?

Handsome boy.

What's wrong with your right eye?

The next destination would be Angkringan Pancoran through Tebet. I was badly hungry (probably starving) at the time. I almost blacked out during our way to Angkringan, for I hadn’t had my dinner. Finally we arrived there and immediately barbarized all the food available there.

Our main course.


Why you grinning?

Waiting for the food?

mmmmm...warm and sweet.

say a pray?

I love my bike as well.

Well, the background is a lil bit distracting.

Nice smile, buddy!

Guess who? A famous superstar.

Angkringan was our last destination at that night since we all felt awfully full (I ate three small pack of rice). Thus we decided not to continue our next destination, to eat Durian at Kalibata.

As the time showed 1.20 am the next day, we one-by-one separated went homebound. That was a pleasant moment I experienced, even though it was a tiring trip. I enjoyed riding my bike with you all.

So, are you guys ready for the next trip? I absolutely am!

But wait...Have you seen the photographer who took all the photographs? I saw him nowhere. Well, maybe inside the bonus...

cheers everyone...

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