Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Klara Beach: Work in Progress

Perfect! Couldn't believe she just managed to keep my eyes widely open til this late. Pheeeww...I have no idea what has happened. All I know is that she was off to bed right after having a phone call (she didn't even read my bbm) :(

Anyway, it would be better (hopefully) for me posting a blog rather than dwelling on it. As many of my friends are curious on how I made the drawing (some of them even don't believe I did it on my Android), this time Imma show you the work in progress. Just for your information, I used stylus instead of finger to draw it ;) Okay..here we go, enjoy!

I start it with (of course) sketching ;)

Then I continue coloring the orange sky.

Here is the screenshot...


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Klara Beach - Sketchbook Mobile for Android

Morning readers...big apologies for my recent lack of post. I just bought a new gadget from ebay and spend most of the time tinkering with it ;D The device is pretty cool..Equipped with Android operating system, this smartphone becomes very powerful yet beautiful. It is sooo me! One of my favorite applications installed on the device is 'Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile' for Android, and below is the 'masterpiece' I managed to create. Hehehee...

Sunset in Klara Beach, Bandar Lampung

Later perhaps I will post more drawings and paintings using this application when I'm on mobile. Just stick around. You can subscribe to this blog if you'd like to receive updates.

Thanks ;)

Monday, November 07, 2011

HORTA Grass Doll

This doll was quite famous a couple of years ago. The name is "HORTA" grass doll (Ind: boneka rumput horta). It is practically a plant media packed in the form of a doll grown by grass. This doll is very suitable as an exercise for children on how to grow plants so they will care more to their environment.

Horta doll is made of wood powder formed in various kinds of shape and grass seed is put on top of that so it will grow hair (in the form of grass). It's really easy to grow the hair. First of all, place the doll in the water container with the position of the head facing downward for approximately an hour. Then place the doll on a dry case. Don't forget to water its head every day. After a week, you can see the grass will start growing. You can do some experiments to make the doll more stylish.

I'm wondering if I have a thousand of Horta dolls...

Bonus rough sketch of comic strip.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday Doodles

Pheeww...heavy workload during this week. Later I will update this blog post. Anyway, I just wanna say happy weekend everyone! ;)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

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