Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Klara Beach: Work in Progress

Perfect! Couldn't believe she just managed to keep my eyes widely open til this late. Pheeeww...I have no idea what has happened. All I know is that she was off to bed right after having a phone call (she didn't even read my bbm) :(

Anyway, it would be better (hopefully) for me posting a blog rather than dwelling on it. As many of my friends are curious on how I made the drawing (some of them even don't believe I did it on my Android), this time Imma show you the work in progress. Just for your information, I used stylus instead of finger to draw it ;) Okay..here we go, enjoy!

I start it with (of course) sketching ;)

Then I continue coloring the orange sky.

Here is the screenshot...


Fill in the water and the shadow of the tree.

Remove the outline.

Put the sunset ;)


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