Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Long Weekend Day I: The Journey Begins

Again, this blog is abandoned for more than a month; what a pity. Anyway, I have been preparing this blog as the place to post the full story of my long weekend trip last week. Well, there have been lots of things happened during my long weekend holidays; from shopping to losing my brand new pair of shoes.

Me - Friska - mba Ambs - Lexy - Reza
It was all started in my office at Mega Kuningan. Yes, I had to finish the work before going on holidays. It was Wednesday last week when we began the journey. I and my colleagues had planned to visit our neighbors, Singapore and Malaysia, to spend our long weekends. This isn’t the first time I visited Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur. I’ve been there once with my peeps and we had a tiring but great time during the trip.

Anyway, we arrived at the airport at 6.10 pm to check-in and went straight ahead the immigration hall in order to board. At first I thought I could browse on the internet or just updated either my facebook or twitter status, but it turned out that there was NO Wi-Fi connection in the place. Yes, there was no Wi-Fi connection. I just could smile at how pathetic this International Airport for not having any Wi-Fi connection in the boarding room at all. So while I was waiting, I spent most of the time drawing an old man sitting in front of me. He was on his sixties or something, I guessed. The old man put his luggage under the seat and starring around the boarding room as if it was his first time traveling with an airplane.

I forgot to draw the luggage... :))

When drawing him, the announcer told us that our plane is about to take off in 15 minutes, so I got prepared. We flew to Singapore at 7.30 pm and arrived there at 9.30 pm local time.

We arrived at the Airport.
Good bye Jakarta.
Once we stepped our foot out the Airport in Singapore, we all got confused. We just didn’t know how to get to the hotel. A week before, we already booked a hotel at Hotel 81, Geylang. So we eventually took two cabs to reach the hotel. It cost S$20 – 40 for each cab. Since we only stayed for one night at the Singapore, so we came up with this plan. We went to the hotel to drop our luggage and set our ass off to Marina Bays right away.

It was my plan actually, as I didn’t want to fail to spot the night view of Marina Bays and took some pictures of it. But my plan didn’t go smooth. We were all so tired, so we ended up sitting on the edge of a pond at the Art and Science Museum after having our late dinner =___='

Eating at the food court downstairs the Marina Bays shopping mall

We went back to the hotel at around 2.26 am in the morning and I was a little bit surprised that apparently the neighborhood of the hotel where we stayed was some kind of a red-line district. There were lots of type of chicks around. Geez, better got some sleep before unwanted things happened, lol.
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