Monday, July 11, 2011

Jakarta Little Tokyo Festival

Yesterday, thousands of people spent their last day of the weekend participating in a festival called Jakarta Little Tokyo. The festival was dominated mostly by teenagers. During the festival, which was held in Blok M Square, Jakarta Selatan, the crowds seemed to enjoy themselves. We don't need to go to Japan to experience the daily life of a Japanese. The festival has it all, including cuisines, traditional culture, anime, cosplay, eating-joints, even sake.

Actually the festival was open since afternoon, but I just had a chance to drop by at evening. Anyway, I am suck at writings, so don't push me to write more please. I just dunno what to say. But, I managed to capture some nice photos.

One of the cosplayer is looking for her friend after getting separated with others. I was wondering if she is really a she or a he. Hmmm...

Bell of Luck!

'Geng Ocoy' members.

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