Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another Interlude

I badly miss this blog, to post something here and share it to everyone in this virtual world. I miss drawing and doodling and taking photographs. I miss those activities so bad! Anyway, I don't miss writing 'cos I'm not really into it ;p

However, work load is so pain in the ass. I lately use the phrase pretty often 'cos it's the fact. Not only is the office work, but also my side jobs are really pain in the ass. From writing internal audit report of departments (in my company) that beyond my capacities till translations for a local travel agent. Those really take my time.

But one thing I learn for sure. Every action we take will always bear a consequence. So, be wise... ;)

P.S. I'm watching a movie right now to ease the tension I had the whole week. This action will bear a consequence that imma wake up late tomorrow. lol

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