Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This Weekend


Where did you spend your weekend? Was it fun? Hmm…I bet it was. Well, today I'm gonna share my experience spending the whole weekend around Jakarta. It was all started from Kota Tua (Eng: the Old Town of Batavia) and ended karaoke-ing with my friends.

We decided to go by train and agreed to meet up at the station at 9 am. But, the plan was almost screwed by the Indonesian “rubber” time. Geez, it almost pissed my friend off. We finally caught up the train at 10:30. To be honest, this was the first time I went to the museum. When we arrived at the museum, I was a little bit surprised with the entrance fee. It was low-priced, Rp.2000,- for regular and Rp.1000,- for students. I was then wondering how they could maintain such big building with all the priceless historical objects lie within if they only cost a very cheap price for the entrance fee. I bet the government plays a big role maintaining the building.

After we felt satisfied exploring and taking pictures in every nook and cranny of the museum building, we continued our trip to a more modern and fresh place, Pondok Indah Mall (PIM), to have a lunch. We went there by Trans Jakarta bus way. Uhhh…it was such a long and tiring trip I had, because I stood up for almost two hours along the way.

We didn’t spend much time at PIM because we still had one more place to visit. We only had a lunch and while we were having our lunch, I dropped by Gramedia bookstore to buy a comic book I’d been in the hunt for since 5 months ago. It was the third and final sequel of the Knights of Apocalypse, one of the best Indonesian manga I ever have. After finished eating our lunch, we then rolled to our final destination, a karaoke place. We went to a karaoke place by… (Guess what?!)

Yes, we went to the karaoke place by Bajaj, one of the best public transportation in Indonesia. Why I said best, because it is the ‘King of the Street’ (Ind: Hajar, Bleh! Lurus Lempeng ga liat-liat rambu!). Though it successfully made me shaking all the time, I still had a chance taking pictures with my friends (Ga narsis, ga eksis).

The bajaj is moving the opposite way against other vehicles

At the karaoke place, I sang my favorite songs “1, 2, 3, 4 I Love You” by Plain White T’s. I just didn’t know why I felt I was cool when singing the song. My voice just simply matched with melody and everybody liked it. The most funny and embarrassing moment I had at the karaoke place was I over slept for the rest of the time we had there and my friends left me alone until the waiter woke me up. Gees’...

Fiiuuhh...What a weekend. Watch me, fellas! Wait for the payback time!!!
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