Friday, February 11, 2011

My Colleague in Action

Hello guys,

In this post, I am showing you some of my photo retouch projects that I been experimenting for the last week. That's why I rarely post or comment and blogwalking to my friends' blog. *Sorry! :)

For the first photo, I used Adobe Photoshop to spice it up. Levels, selective colors, and color balance adjusting were used here. Unfortunaltely, I forgot the steps I made for the photo. *LOL
I put a texture image at the top layer and applied overlay in blending options.

Pap in Action

For the second photos, I retouched them in Adobe Lightroom 3 software using my own-made preset. I know that I have been experimenting on this preset log time ago, back in the last quarter of year 2010. Lucky you I have shared it on the web. Here are the photos:

If you are interested in using my preset, please give me credit for the photo or you can simply tell me where you put it online (the link of the image).

This is for the bonus photo:
I know that it is definitely not good to experiment on the food photo tone. But, I wanna break the rule! Only for this photo. :)

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