Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A Poetry from Mother

My lovely mom and sister

Saying goodbye

By Lucinda Price

Letting go does not mean I don't care
With everything in our life that we have shared
Letting go means that I don't own your mistakes
I will not be in control; high stakes
You are in control of this day, this one....
It is time that my hands go down by my side
And you get a reality ride
For every mother knows
It hurts to let go
But if I continue to take the blows for you
You'll never learn about life and I love you
Letting go does not mean I'll leave you totally alone
It means that I'll be on the side lines cheering "go!"

A request from Utie...*But I was a little bit confused whether she would like me to put this on my blog or not :-/

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