Sunday, February 27, 2011

The King

Photograph by: Ditta (mbe)

Story by: Putri Aisyah

Original Indonesian version is available here.
Translated by me.

Once upon a time in a jungle, there was a mother lion died after giving birth to her child.The fragile baby lion lived without the protection of its mother. Some time later a group of goats came across the place. The baby lion then wiggled its weak body, making the mother goat noticed. She felt pity seeing the weak baby lion would be living his life all alone. Therefore, the mother instinct of the mother goat to take care and protect the baby lion arose.The mother goat then approached the baby lion and stroked it with great warmth and affection. Felt the warmth of affection like that, the baby lion did not want to be apart with the mother goat. He continued to follow the mother goat wherever she went. The baby lion eventually became part of the goats big family. Day by day, the baby lion grew within the big goats community. He breastfed, ate, drank, and played with other young goats.

His behavior then became more and more like a goat. Even the young lion made a bleating sound as like a goat instead of roaring! He felt that he was a goat, just like the other goats. He never believed that he is a lion.

One day, there was a tremendous noise. A wild wolf came in for a hunt. All the goats were running around in panic. All fear.The mother goat who also in fear asked the lion to face the wolf.

"You're a lion, now go face the wolf! Roar hard and I believe the wolf will definitely run away!" Said the mother goat to the young lion who already looked big and sturdy. But since the lion had been living in the middle of the goat's community for long time, he went hide together with other goats instead of facing the wolf. He screamed bloody murder and that came out of his mouth is bleat sound.Just like the other goat was not roaring. The young lion could not do anything when one young goat was pounced and taken away by the wolf.

The mother goat was sad because one of her children was eaten by the wolf. She looked at the young lion with suppuration and angry feelings, "You should be defending us! You should save your brother! You should be able to drive out the evil wolf!" be continued (22% translation complete). If you wanna read the Indonesian version, simply click here.
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