Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Goofing Around's 9 pm here and I'm already sleepy. But I wanna share my photographs taken last weekend in my blog. Well, before that, let me tell you what I been through today. This morning, I bumped into one of my friends back in my first years in school. *I actually have been getting a load of her since a couple of weeks ago, for almost every day -- at the same place, she stands up waiting for the bus to take her to the office. But I wasn't so sure, so I just speculated. Then I opened my cell, scrolled down to my elementary school friends group, and violaaa...I found her. It's her, and we now end up talking both in Yahoo Messenger and Blackberry Messenger...So funny!

Oh ya...I forget to mention that today is quite the momentous occasion…My 1000th Tweet after almost a couple of years of taking Twitter as my social network. I felt that this particular Tweet needed to be profound (everything’s relative) – and so I’ve decided to use it to refer to this blog post ;)

Neway, here are the photographs I took last weekend. The first two photos were taken at Antara Gallery, where the Carpe Diem event was held.

And the last photos were taken at Kota Tua (Old Town of) Jakarta.

Cafe Batavia in "Blue Time"

Kacang Rebus, so yummy...

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