Thursday, April 22, 2010


It does hurt to be honest, but it was indeed a relief...
- pen tablet on computer -
The wait until we next touch seems interminable,
an ache at my center bringing a deep longing
for the fullness that we know when together.

Apart, we feel each other’s words and thoughts ...
Like the sympathetic vibration of guitar strings
we share the same sensations,
revel in responding to subtle nuances
during our personal interactions.

We long to be close, touch,
side-by-side dream lover’s dreams.
Drifting off to sleep with your head on my shoulder,
awakening to soft kisses over a common mug of coffee.

Our longing – like our love – continues to mature and
be refined with a purity of purpose.

Separated by miles or holding hands,
our love stands alone as we speak
heart to heart.

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