Wednesday, April 07, 2010

My Award for You

There have been many visitors dropped by and gave comments on this blog recently. the Google page rank and alexa rank sky rocketed! I'm glad you are all so nice. I do respect for all your kindness and willingness visiting this hideous blog. Thus, in order to value your visit, I give you this award! But please credit me when posting this award on your blog!

This award is special for following people:
  1. Bli Jhoni (Ditunggu komik-komiknya)
  2. Miaw (klo nulis blog panjang2...but I like 'em)
  3. Mas Gema (inspiratif blog)
  4. Mas Bayu (Ayo...nge-blog lagi, mas!)
  5. Rachel (temen kuliahh...)
  6. Dila (temen kuliah juga..Awardnya diambil yaakk!!)
  7. Andu (my new blog mate)
Anyone whose name is not on the list can take this award for free, yes...for free, but there are some terms and conditions (applied for those on the list also, hehee...) so as to take this award, you must:
  1. Post this award in English!
  2. Post this award in English!
  3. Post this award in English!
  4. Give this award to a minimum of 5 bloggers you know well.
  5. Don't forget to comment on the comment box...(get used to comment when droppin' by ;p )
How's that? It's not that difficult, eh? I look forward to dropping by your blog with this award posted.


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