Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunda Kelapa Port and Car Free Day

The alarm went off at 3.58 in the morning. With the eyes half-opened, I grabbed the door lead me to the coldest place in house, the bathroom. I washed my face and brushed my teeth, then headed back to my room to recharge my camera battery. Yes, today I was going to photo hunt with colleagues at the butt end of the north area of Jakarta, the Sunda Kelapa port.

We agreed to assemble at Setiabudi One building. But I had to pick up a friend, so I inquired my colleagues to meet up at 7/11 Menteng. We gathered at 5.30 am, still waiting another member to turn up. The time showed fifteen to six and I was just afraid we won’t be able to capture the sunrise.

Nevertheless, I got quite good photos there (at least, I think so). It wasn’t that I expected, for the sky seemed to be a bit cloudy. But, you, my blog watchers, are the judges. Gimme some points!

I was about to delete this photo. But if I look it for an extended period of time, this looks awesome. Abstract!

My favorite #1

Time to Work.

What a huge toy!

My favorite #2

the other sunrise chasers...


Felt satisfied at the port, we continued the hunt to Sudirman st. For your information, every Sunday morning till 10 am, any of engined-vehicles are not allowed to pass through the street. We call the day as the 'Car Free Day'. We got some news that the Kaskusers also gathered to photo hunt here. And yes, we met several Kaskus photographers and mingled together.

Mind your son, Mister!

Keep your head straight on the road!!!

A quite expensive backpack.

Just the Two of Us

A miniature of Trans Jakarta bus

Bonus 2 photos, contributed by mas Didik Heriyanto...

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