Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gents or Ladies?

Which one are you?

The poll has been closed. Thanks for those who have voted. Somehow, the poll result was once gone. So, it was started over from zero. Geez...Well, from the photo above, I just wanna say:

STOP GENDER DISCRIMINATION. we are all the same.

Well, I wanna talk a bit about this picture. I was waiting for my friend when I came up with such crazy idea (*to pull out my camera) and took the photograph. A lady - who just came out from the room, suddenly screamed and yelled at me, "ARRRGGHH...GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE, YOU PERVERT!" Well, she thought I was trying to sneak a look. Sigh! I am not the kind of guy (am I?). LOL

Technically, this photograph is a bit tight on both sides, for I stood pretty close to the object and lens distortions make it even worst. So I had to retouch it in Photoshop :)
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