Sunday, September 25, 2011

My 2000th Tweet

Hello bloggers...

Hohohoo, sorry for the lack of post on my blog over the last few weeks or so. Been quite busy with office work and stuff.

Anyway, I been tweeting for more than two years, but my 'tweetstone' ain't pretty good. Hehehee...Speaking of fact, twitter wasn't as famous as facebook back then. But now, we can get the most updated information like traffic info (this helps me alot) or events happening in town through this micro blog. Very cool, eh!

And now, I have touched my 2,000th tweet since June 2009, the very first time I met twitter. I also dedicate my 2,000th tweet to my little pumpkin. Love you ;) If you wanna see the original tweet, simply click here or you can follow my twitter @radenfelix.

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