Sunday, October 02, 2011

The First Day

Hey pumpkin, how are you? Hope you're doing good. Having great time with your besties ;)

Here I am, writing a blog post on the sidelines of slaying another dead lion at my second office. I'm not doing pretty good today, but I'm fine. This first day is a really hard day for me without having you around. I been thinking about you the whole day. I tried to handle it by sleeping, yet failed. You kept popping out in my dreams. I thought working on my translation project would put you out of my mind for just a moment. However, I ended up writing this blog entry about you. I just couldn't help it.

Oh ya, I forgot I still owe you a picture. The sketch of your face. Here it is... :)

I added texture at the background. Hope you don't mind ;)

“when I tell you I love you, It doesn't mean I know you'll never go, Only that I wish you didn't have to.”

Gee, time flies by and I gotta slay the dead lion. I'm missing you so bad! :(

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