Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Right-Brain Expert

Ippho Santosa at Yokohama, Japan
Jakarta - Reading the third book of Ippho Santosa will make us always say Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah and Allahu Akbar. Why? Because Ippho has "flicked" us to always be grateful for whatever happens. And he jogs our memory that we can always train our right brain to work and make some charity. Ippho also says that the right side is always associated with matters that lead to goodness. So that is no harm if we can start our activities by using the right brain: Irrational, emotional, Intuition, Unplanned, Expressive, and Spontaneous.

I personally love this concept because it is easy. Perhaps this is because of my own self that also have properties and characteristics similar to the concept of the right brain. It’s just how I can develop it intelligently in my daily life. It’ll be my next mission. On his books, Ippho essentially argues the same things. In the first book, Ippho explains the right-brain method of introduction. Then on to the second edition of the book, Ippho explains how to put it into practice in our lives, while on the third book Ippho invites us to be more creative and develop it properly. In his books, Ippho also puts many jokes so readers will not necessarily get bored because most motivation books often patronizing.

I supposed I could review more of the 3 books from Ippho, however I deliberately shortened it so readers may be interested to read the motivation books from Ippho. One thing to describe Ippho books, ''FANTASTIC".


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