Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wedding Caricature: Work in Progress

Last week I was asked by an old friend to make her caricatures of her elder sister and her spouse for wedding invitation. The progress is still 75%, and now I am supposed to continue working on the commission. But apparently my sister forgot to include the pen tablet when packing my laptop. Gotta back home for the stylus. Imma put it on my blog soon after getting approval from the client. In the mean time, I will just give you some rough sketches I made with the help from my little pumpkin. These all are her ideas. I am just the executor... ;) Enjoy!

The first sketch seems okay, but she is afraid the buffalo will appear more dominant than the brides themselves. Then she came up with the second sketch ;)

Okay...then I transferred 'em into my laptop so I can draw in digital...

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