Thursday, July 08, 2010

Award for Me and for You

Thanks to Gie for giving me such a nice award. Really appreciate it. Well, as usual...every award has its own tasks to complete in order to put on the blog. Here they are:

1. What is your blog name? -

2. What is that all about?
- Hmm...since I like drawing, taking pictures, and tinkering, I would say it is about my hobbies ;)

3. In your opinion, what is blog? - A place to unleash my creativities.

4. What are you trying to find, or the aim of blogging? - I just wanna share.

Next thing is to give this award to five ppl on my blog list:
  1. Mba Icha
  2. Mba Sity
  3. Mas Bayu
  4. Mas Didik
  5. Mas Gema

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