Thursday, January 06, 2011

Commission: Java Rockin' Land Poster

Last week, I was asked by a friend to make a poster for her college assignment. I still remember the conversation between us before I started working on the project.

*This has been translated into English :)

friend: "Lix, I need a help!"
me: "Hmmm...give a shot!"
friend: "I need you to make me a poster of JRL 2011. But, I don't want to get it for free."
me: "What do you mean?"
friend: "I'll pay you."
me: "Ooo...Okay (that is cool). When will you need it, by the way? Do you have any concepts?"
friend: "I want you to finish it by Wednesday. I'm gonna email the concept to you tonight."
me: "Whooaaa! Today's..."
friend: "Monday!"
me: "Geez...So I only have two days to make you a poster? Oh, well...okay then. Lemme know once you sent it."
friend: "Okay!"

I'd been waiting for her email to know what concept she brought up. Tho, I only got a text @ 9.10 pm saying:

"Lix, for the JRL 2011, I come up with the concept of 'Nineties Rock 'n Roll'..The target audience are young and old Rock 'n Roll music lovers. For references, you may look up the official website..Thank you so much!"

I replied, "is this all?" and she answered, "yes!"

Oh, okay. I only had two days to get it done with no concept (I'd rather call it a theme). I won't waste my time. So, I started off by browsing the official site to get the general ideas what they look like. Then I came up with several things:

  1. Rock 'n Roll in nineties was dominated by Grunge genre.
  2. Grunge is identical with dark and gloomy background, with scratches. Vector lines. Etc.

Got it! I started sketching:

1st draft.
My first draft was okay. But I didn't think this represented the event itself.

2nd draft
I drew Slash in silhouette as he was the icon of 90s Rock music. But still, I didn't feel satisfied.

Final draft.
Yes, the final draft. Clean, simple, and (I think) represented the event very well. Only guitar with vector lines.

If you you look at all my draft, you will find a tag line "Can You Handle It?" It means the dilemma faced between the old and young rock music nowadays (well, more or less ;p). Anyway, after sketching, I began using my Photoshop skills to create the poster...and viola!

Initial poster.

I sent it to my friend, and she wanted some modifications. She wanted to add the band pictures on the poster. So, I altered it and here it is!

Final poster.

On Thursday, I asked my friend how she gonna pay me. She said she'd give me a new MP3 player. But I refused, "I already have an iPod. So if you don't mind, just transfer it to one of my bank account." LOL!!!

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