Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

The very tough and full-of-temptation year of 2010 has gone. I've learned many things and have found plenty of new things. For a moment, I just couldn't believe it. The year has gone so fast. But, a new beginning is coming. It awaits me, right over there...New year means a new me. Then what's new?

  1. The most important thing - PRAY 5 TIMES A DAY!
  2. Ride my bike more - to get healthier.
  3. Eat better - to gain more weight.
  4. Save more money - for my future.
  5. Learn something new - means new challenges.
  6. Become more organized - hmm...I am.
  7. Manage time better - stay sharp.
  8. Be more independent - everybody needs privacy.
  9. Be more responsible - still struggling.
  10. Be more often to reply text message - well, it depends.
  11. Take a trip over Asia - which will be started on May.
  12. Volunteer to help others - be generous, eh?
  13. Find a better-half - I put it on the 12th?
  14. Get a better job - 2 years are more than just enough.
  15. Buy a fixie bike - a wish...
  16. Stop smoking
Where did you spend your new year's eve? I was stuck at Hotel Indonesia roundabout, but managed to capture some fireworks there...

Wanna see more outstanding fireworks? Click my KASKUS thread!

Last but not least, HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!

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