Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a Life

Recently I'm so f*ckin' busy with many things...First and foremost: Gotta finish my Subaru Manual Book translation project (approx. 4,000 pages) together with Wandita by this week. So, I always end up doing the job at 7Eleven (*ababil mode: on).

Together with a small glass of cappuccino ;)
Taken with Blackberry Onyx 9700

Second, I'm also working on my colleague's pre-wed photos. We just took some great photographs at a very nice place (still waiting for approval to publish the photos here ;p)

Lovely couple..Aren't they?
Taken with Blackberry Onyx 9700

Next is to edit and retouch photos taken at Desa Sawarna, Banten. I went to the place on my last long weekend with some photography friends. The place was just awesome...Will post the field report soon.

Taken with Blackberry Onyx 9700

With these guys...
Taken with Blackberry Onyx 9700

The teaser | Batu Layar
Taken with Blackberry Onyx 9700

Last but not least, gotta retouch and edit photographs during my vacation on Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Still haven't had a chance to post here...lol

Taken with Blackberry Curve(?)

Okay, it's time to turn in...Gotta work this morning ;) Hoooooaaamm...See yaa!

All photos were taken with only phone camera, and re-touched in Photoscape.

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