Friday, August 12, 2011

Lazy Friday

yippee....Friday! I really love this last day of a five-day working week. Why? - Good question! First things first, when this day comes, it means I'll be having weekend afterwards. Secondly, at my office —and probably at some other offices as well, employees are allowed to wear less formal attire on Fridays, known as Casual Friday or Dress-Down Friday. The next thing is, after struggling for three and a half hours at my office[1] last night, I managed to conquer another dead-lion[2]. Now I'm waiting for the other projects to come. Last but not least —and I consider it as the 'special' one, tho...this morning I received a BBM[3] message from the one I care about, following a bad communication we had yesterday for my stupidity. Thanks for making my day! :)

This doodle is created during my working hour...

Well, the point is that I heart this day...No matter how heavy is the workload, when carried out during this day, it feels light. I'm not joking, it is true!

1. 'Office' here means 7eleven convenience store. We (me and my partner in crime) often go to the place to work on our translation projects together. We sometimes call it as the HQ (Head Quarter) or virtual office.

2. Dead-lion; a pun of deadline (n.) 1. A time limit, as for payment of a debt or completion of an assignment. 2. A boundary line in a prison that prisoners can cross only at the risk of being shot.

3. BBM; An instant messaging application that is exclusive to smartphones produced by Research In Motion, namely BlackBerry devices. BBM comes with several features, such as a personalized BBM display picture and real-time message confirmations. In addition to BBM, most BlackBerry devices are equipped with a variety of messaging features, including push email.

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