Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ava Award

So glad to see that I got an award from a blogger friend, Cathy. Here it is...

However, she put some questions I needed to answer in order to post this award on my blog, as follow:

1. How many blogs do you have? the one and only.

2. Since when are you engaged with this blog world? in junior high school.

3. What makes you interested? When I realized that we could showed our artworks off to the whole world. Hehehee,,

4. What are the strong and weak points of your blog? I don't really pay much attention on that. The important thing is that I could share with other people.

5. Give this award to 5 of your friends! I'll give this award to everyone in my blog list! ;)

Okay, that's a wrap! Once again, thanks for the award...

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