Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Friendly Blogger Award

Wohohohooo...Got an award from Filia (sorry for the late response ;p). Hmmm...Another award with another task. Well, it's pretty easy tough. All I have to do is to put my name on top of the list and remove the name on the last position.
  1. Raden Felix
  2. Filia
  3. Reza Rinaldi
  4. Distiwan's Blog
  5. Smart Son
  6. Sumber Info
  7. Perpustakaanku
  8. Dolphin's Blog
  9. Kumpulan PTC
  10. Loudy Blog
And I give this award to the following list:
  1. Mba Icha
  2. Mba Sity
  3. Mas Bayu
  4. Mas Didik
  5. Mas Gema
  6. Gie
  7. Cathy
Please accept the award and put it on your blog...Remember to follow the rule, guys. Good luck and thanks!
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