Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blog Design Alteration - The Process of Making

Holaaaaa...It's 00:40 AM and I'm not sleeping yet. This is because I just did some modification on my blog design. It is now updated to ver. 1.2. There has been minor changes on my blog overall, such as blog header and footer, HTML and CSS scripting (I hope this make my blog load faster, LOL), and sidebar widgets.

However, since this blog has something to do with art and graphic design, I'm gonna show you the process of making the NEW blog header. The tools of the trade were only Adobe Photoshop CS4 and some stock photos from deviantART. But before that, I'd like to tell you a little background why I decided to change my blog header. It was because it looked out-of-date. the blog header was okay, at least for a few months back then. But now, most of my blog posts are not only artworks (pencil and digital media) created by me, but also include photography. So I do hope changing the blog header would slowly shift the image of this blog from a drawing and painting blog to a different type of expressing ideas and imagination, photography. Soooo.......Without further ado, here I go!!!

1a. The first thing I did was to download the original header from the blog and load it onto the Adobe Photoshop application.

1b. Next, clean up the old design. I used eraser tool in Adobe Photoshop for my background header was in white color (it is easier for me).

2a. I browsed through my favorite site, deviantART, to find some references stock photos for the new header. After searching for a while, I found this cool nikon camera photo by reezt. I loaded it to Adobe Photoshop and did some crop to fit my header layout.

2b. And then I used masking tool (and gradient tool) to make the left side of the photo looked a little bit transparent.

3. Next process was to make the photo black and white and leave the camera strap as it was (I love the yellow line of the strap). ;)

4. I typed texture in deviantART to find a suitable background for the header. Then I landed here, the metal texture by wotjar. I loaded it to Adobe photoshop, did a little touch and applied multiply on layer blending options, as in below.

5. Next is the man artwork. many friends and colleagues thought it was my artwork (or at least believing that the character was me). Instead, I got it from cabinetminister, titled TWSOTB Header 01. Then I did retouch and applied multiply in layer blending options.

6. Last but not least, I added the title and description of my blog with custom fonts downloaded here, and that would wrap all the processes.

Well, you have seen the process of making my new blog header. What do you guys think? Your comments and critics are highly required. Remember, the above description is only the process, not the tutorial. It is 1:57 AM and is way off my bed time. Gotta get some rest,,Cheers!
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