Monday, May 31, 2010

28 Cup - Turn Off the Lights, Turn On Your Power

Last week, my brother's high school held an event at GOR Soemantri, Kuningan. It was called, 28 CUP 2010, “Turn Off The Lights, Turn On Your Power.” Below is what I quote from their public announcement:


28 CUP 2010
“Turn Off The Lights, Turn On Your Power”

25-29 May 2010 at GOR Soemantri, Kuningan

Basket Ball, Mini Soccer, Saman, Wall Climbing, Band, Film Dokumenter, Cerdas Cermat, Vocal Group Rohani Kristen

25 – 28 May 2010 – HTM : Rp. 8.000,00

Closing Performance by :
Gugun and The Blues Shelter, The Trees and The Wild, Endah n’ Rhesa, Raisa, Satria Muda Britama and many more
MC: Benakribo and Luna

29 May 2010 at Hall A GOR Soemantri, Kuningan - HTM : Rp. 15.000,00


And below are some photographs I took during the closing event:

1. Raisa

2. The Trees and the Wild

3. Endah N Resha

4. Gugun and The Blues Shelter

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